14:32:18 <daviddavis> #startmeeting Pulp Triage 2018-10-16
14:32:18 <daviddavis> !start
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14:32:18 <daviddavis> #info daviddavis has joined triage
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14:33:40 <dalley> #info dalley has joined triage
14:33:40 <dalley> !here
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14:34:32 <daviddavis> I'll give it a min but it sounds like a lot of people are out ATM
14:34:38 <daviddavis> so we may want to skip triage today
14:36:03 <daviddavis> ok, let's skip today
14:36:04 <daviddavis> #endmeeting
14:36:04 <daviddavis> !end