14:30:17 <asmacdo> #startmeeting Pulp Triage 2019-05-28
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14:30:17 <asmacdo> !start
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14:30:45 <asmacdo> !next
14:30:46 <asmacdo> #topic https://pulp.plan.io/issues/3301
14:30:47 <pulpbot> asmacdo: 13 issues left to triage: 3301, 3463, 3829, 3830, 3832, 3834, 3835, 3837, 3839, 4319, 4869, 4879, 4880
14:30:48 <pulpbot> RM 3301 - paji@redhat.com - NEW - Need API to fetch a subset of rpms in a Lazy Repo
14:30:49 <pulpbot> https://pulp.plan.io/issues/3301
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14:30:59 <asmacdo> k this is the wrong query
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14:31:15 <asmacdo> !issue 4880
14:31:16 <asmacdo> #topic https://pulp.plan.io/issues/4880
14:31:16 <pulpbot> RM 4880 - hyu - NEW - Missing rpms in erratum pkglist when an erratum appears in multiple repos caused wrong applicability calculation.
14:31:18 <pulpbot> https://pulp.plan.io/issues/4880
14:31:24 <asmacdo> (this is the only issue for today)
14:31:25 <daviddavis> rpm?
14:31:26 <ipanova> #info ipanova has joined triage
14:31:26 <ipanova> !here
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14:31:29 <asmacdo> yup
14:31:34 <dkliban> this is a story
14:31:39 <dkliban> oops
14:31:44 <dkliban> i was talking abou tthe previous one
14:31:44 <daviddavis> move to rpm
14:31:51 <ipanova> i think that's a big filled by a user from the pulp-list
14:31:57 <ipanova> +1
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14:32:03 <dalley> !here
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14:32:06 <asmacdo> #idea Proposed for #4880: switch to rpm
14:32:06 <asmacdo> !propose other switch to rpm
14:32:06 <pulpbot> asmacdo: Proposed for #4880: switch to rpm
14:32:15 <dalley> +1
14:32:16 <asmacdo> do we want to do anything else with this?
14:32:17 <ipanova> and skip
14:32:37 <asmacdo> #agreed switch to rpm
14:32:37 <asmacdo> !accept
14:32:37 <pulpbot> asmacdo: Current proposal accepted: switch to rpm
14:32:39 <asmacdo> #topic https://pulp.plan.io/issues/3301
14:32:39 <pulpbot> asmacdo: 12 issues left to triage: 3301, 3463, 3829, 3830, 3832, 3834, 3835, 3837, 3839, 4319, 4869, 4879
14:32:41 <pulpbot> RM 3301 - paji@redhat.com - NEW - Need API to fetch a subset of rpms in a Lazy Repo
14:32:42 <pulpbot> https://pulp.plan.io/issues/3301
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14:33:07 <daviddavis> why is this in infra
14:33:37 <ttereshc> no idea
14:33:48 <dkliban> this is RPM and needs to be  a story
14:33:50 <asmacdo> since these issues aren't part of the query we can skip them, but lets try to mark them as triaged where we can
14:33:51 <ttereshc> but we should go through old ones at some point
14:34:08 <ttereshc> asmacdo, I can review them afterwards if you want
14:34:10 <dkliban> partha: is this for pulp 2 or 3?
14:34:25 <ttereshc> asmacdo, we need to read them thoroughly I guess
14:34:33 <ppicka> if 2 add the tag
14:34:49 <asmacdo> ttereshc: that would be great-- if you arent sure you can leave them untriaged and change the project ot pulp so they will show up on friday
14:34:57 <daviddavis> if 2, close it out
14:35:13 <ttereshc> asmacdo, I'll do it before next triage
14:35:16 <ttereshc> hopefully today
14:35:23 <ttereshc> let's triage new ones
14:35:57 <asmacdo> ttereshc: there are no more "new" ones  but there are a couple recentish ones in there
14:36:06 <ttereshc> kk
14:36:28 <asmacdo> can we move to open floor?
14:36:36 <daviddavis> +1
14:36:39 <ttereshc> +1
14:36:42 <dawalker> +1
14:36:42 <dalley> +1
14:36:45 <asmacdo> open floor!
14:36:54 * daviddavis dances on the open floor
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14:37:07 <bmbouter> !here
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14:37:11 <dalley> should we move the code of conduct under "get involved" one the website?
14:37:12 <dalley> https://pulpproject.org/
14:37:14 * asmacdo grabs a hat rack and tap shoes
14:37:16 <dalley> on*
14:37:24 <dalley> that would make room for the FAQ
14:37:33 <dalley> there isn't really room at the moment
14:37:41 <dawalker> yeah, I think I may have had an issue open for that
14:37:42 <bmbouter> +1 also we can add a faq that links to the CoC
14:37:51 <dawalker> for using drop down menus to make room
14:38:01 <asmacdo> this all sounds fine-- im not seeing a lack of room though
14:38:03 <dawalker> we need to discuss what we want the top items to be and what goes below
14:38:25 <dalley> I just noticed that the top bar mirrors the side bar items
14:38:42 <dalley> maybe we just need to be more selective with what goes up in the header
14:38:47 <bmbouter> agreed
14:38:59 <bmbouter> jekyll uses jinja templates for that stuff so we can customize pretty easy also
14:39:00 <asmacdo> yeah, CoC on the side bar makes sense, maybe not top bar
14:39:04 <bmbouter> or separate the top header from the side
14:39:09 <dawalker> https://github.com/pulp/pulpproject.org/issues/182
14:40:25 <asmacdo> do we have a way to add these issues to sprints?
14:40:37 * asmacdo wonders if these should be on redmine
14:40:54 <bmbouter> I think we should have a strong separation between the website and the project w.r.t issue trakers
14:41:07 <dkliban> yep
14:41:29 <dkliban> website is totally separate from the project
14:42:27 <asmacdo> thats fine-- lets just keep an eye on it to make sure the website issues don't get lost when we are prioritizing for sprints
14:43:45 <daviddavis> so...
14:44:52 <asmacdo> if there is no other business...
14:44:59 <asmacdo> ...
14:45:03 <asmacdo> #endmeeting
14:45:03 <asmacdo> !end