14:31:50 <fao89> #startmeeting Pulp Triage 2020-07-24
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14:32:33 <fao89> !next
14:32:34 <fao89> #topic https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7209
14:32:34 <pulpbot> fao89: 5 issues left to triage: 7209, 7205, 7196, 7185, 7178
14:32:35 <pulpbot> RM 7209 - dkliban@redhat.com - NEW - OpenAPI schema paths are not namespaced
14:32:36 <pulpbot> https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7209
14:32:38 <bmbouter> !here
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14:33:36 <ipanova> !poropose accept
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14:33:41 <fao89> #idea Proposed for #7209: accept and add to sprint
14:33:41 <fao89> !propose other accept and add to sprint
14:33:41 <pulpbot> fao89: Proposed for #7209: accept and add to sprint
14:33:46 <x9c4> +1
14:33:52 <ipanova> +1
14:33:53 <ggainey> +1
14:34:00 <fao89> #agreed accept and add to sprint
14:34:00 <fao89> !accept
14:34:00 <pulpbot> fao89: Current proposal accepted: accept and add to sprint
14:34:01 <fao89> #topic https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7205
14:34:01 <pulpbot> fao89: 4 issues left to triage: 7205, 7196, 7185, 7178
14:34:02 <pulpbot> RM 7205 - pc - NEW - ClientConnectorSSLError during remote sync with cdn.redhat.com
14:34:03 <pulpbot> https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7205
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14:35:11 <dkliban> could this be throttling also?
14:35:43 <ggainey> 'unexpected alert' is odd
14:35:48 <bmbouter> perhaps ....
14:36:14 <bmbouter> we can skp for now (we have no reproducer) and I can comment asking him to try the download_concurrency, wdyt?
14:36:48 <dkliban> yeah ... we can ask to change the download_concurrency
14:36:56 <dkliban> but it does seem like there is a reproducer
14:37:05 <ggainey> maybe - but that's usually a bad-ssl-handshake issue, not a "far end told us to go away" message
14:37:19 <ttereshc> they mentioned using "high-concurrency aira2c download of repo contents" which worked for them
14:37:49 <ttereshc> I wonder if there is other issue than throttling
14:37:52 <dkliban> "iptraf-ng's IP Traffic Monitor shows much higher number of lingering connections for Pulp than wget or aria2c."
14:38:15 <ttereshc> maybe we can ask for specific numbers
14:38:19 <dkliban> yeah
14:38:24 <ipanova> can it be some cdn temporary hiccup?
14:38:27 <dkliban> let's ask for specific numbers about the connections
14:38:35 <dkliban> ipanova: it could be
14:38:36 <bmbouter> if the server isn't replying I suspect it's the 20 parallel connection waiting
14:38:46 <bmbouter> I applied this comment already FWIW https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7205#note-1
14:38:57 <dkliban> sounds good
14:39:14 <ttereshc> thanks
14:39:20 <dkliban> let's skip for now
14:39:25 <ipanova> agree
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14:39:54 <daviddavis> #idea Proposed for #7205: Skip this issue for this triage session.
14:39:54 <daviddavis> !propose skip
14:39:54 <pulpbot> daviddavis: Proposed for #7205: Skip this issue for this triage session.
14:39:54 <fao89> !skip
14:39:55 <fao89> #topic https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7196
14:39:56 <pulpbot> fao89: 3 issues left to triage: 7196, 7185, 7178
14:39:57 <pulpbot> RM 7196 - alikins - NEW - pulpcore.app.response.OperationPostponedResponse docstring is slightly wrong (no 'task' field in response)
14:39:58 <pulpbot> https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7196
14:40:10 <daviddavis> accept and add to sprint?
14:40:12 <bmbouter> +1
14:40:15 <fao89> #idea Proposed for #7196: accept and add to sprint
14:40:15 <fao89> !propose other accept and add to sprint
14:40:15 <pulpbot> fao89: Proposed for #7196: accept and add to sprint
14:40:19 <ttereshc> +1
14:40:21 <fao89> #agreed accept and add to sprint
14:40:21 <fao89> !accept
14:40:21 <pulpbot> fao89: Current proposal accepted: accept and add to sprint
14:40:22 <fao89> #topic https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7185
14:40:22 <pulpbot> fao89: 2 issues left to triage: 7185, 7178
14:40:23 <pulpbot> RM 7185 - yuzheng - NEW - force_full rsync publish is done unnecessarily in some cases
14:40:24 <pulpbot> https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7185
14:40:24 <ggainey> +1
14:40:43 <ipanova> let's skip this for now
14:40:50 <dkliban> +!
14:40:50 <daviddavis> +1
14:40:57 <fao89> !skip
14:40:58 <fao89> #topic https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7178
14:40:58 <pulpbot> fao89: 1 issues left to triage: 7178
14:40:59 <pulpbot> RM 7178 - ekohl - POST - Recommended installation layout
14:41:00 <pulpbot> https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7178
14:42:32 <ttereshc> it seems that the conversation is ongoing
14:42:50 <ttereshc> should we skip again until there is any agreement on the ticket?
14:42:57 <bmbouter> yes please
14:42:59 <bmbouter> it is ongoing
14:42:59 <ggainey> +1
14:43:01 <fao89> !skip
14:43:02 <pulpbot> fao89: No issues to triage.
14:43:13 <fao89> Open floor - https://hackmd.io/SVCMjpwXTfOMqF2OeyyLRw
14:43:24 <fao89> topic: Should we delete alpha versions of released pulp packages from pypi?
14:43:34 <daviddavis> yes
14:43:45 <dkliban> yes
14:43:52 <ggainey> +1
14:44:00 <ttereshc> +1
14:44:00 <x9c4> +1
14:44:06 <daviddavis> I can do this today unless someone else wants to
14:44:26 <daviddavis> just alpha and not rc/betas right?
14:44:33 <bmbouter> +1
14:44:37 <dkliban> we will get to those later
14:44:40 <dkliban> as more time passes
14:45:05 <daviddavis> what about these dev releases?
14:45:14 <bmbouter> alpha dev releases?
14:45:31 <bmbouter> some .dev's are also our nightlies I think
14:45:32 <daviddavis> eg https://pypi.org/manage/project/pulp-file-client/release/1.2.0.dev1595590377/
14:45:37 <daviddavis> ah ok
14:45:51 <daviddavis> ah these are our bidnings
14:46:09 <x9c4> Do we still need to publish those nightly?
14:46:34 <bmbouter> I think we do
14:46:40 <bmbouter> it's the CD in our CI/CD
14:46:49 <dkliban> we could delete some of the old one sthough
14:46:56 <dkliban> it's a lot of packages out there
14:47:23 <x9c4> wouldn't it be sufficient to only publish the versions matching a release we also publish?
14:47:40 <bmbouter> it would for end users but some folks want to do pre-release testing
14:47:47 <dkliban> it's so that the master branches can have a client out there
14:47:52 <dkliban> katello
14:47:57 <dkliban> = some folks
14:48:04 <x9c4> ok.
14:48:31 <daviddavis> wait
14:48:43 <daviddavis> what about if we only publish them when there are changes to master
14:48:47 <daviddavis> or are we already doing that
14:48:55 <dkliban> no we are not
14:49:08 <dkliban> i think we are using a timestamp and not a sha
14:49:11 <daviddavis> yup
14:49:14 <daviddavis> we publish every day
14:49:21 <bmbouter> I know it's a lot of released but I don't think that's a bad thing
14:49:26 <bmbouter> computers are storing it and they don't care
14:49:45 <daviddavis> that's fine
14:50:22 <daviddavis> actually
14:50:34 <daviddavis> trying to find a client for a particular release is hard: https://pypi.org/project/pulp-file-client/#history
14:50:40 <daviddavis> where's the bindings for 1.1.0?
14:50:52 <daviddavis> or 1.0.0
14:51:11 <daviddavis> I don't think we have to address this now but maybe sometime in the future
14:51:22 <bmbouter> pip can tell pre-releases from non pre-releases even if that UI can't
14:51:56 <bmbouter> I hear what you're saying but helping that problem makes other things more difficult (like spotting problems in machinery that publishes intermittently)
14:52:13 <bmbouter> that list is crazy long tho so this is a problem
14:52:51 <daviddavis> it's not a now problem though
14:52:56 <daviddavis> anyway, we can continue
14:53:31 <bmbouter> have too many releases weakens the "notification of release" feature https://pypi.org/help/#project-release-notifications
14:53:42 <bmbouter> to your point daviddavis
14:53:47 <bmbouter> +1 we can continue
14:55:13 <daviddavis> maybe we bored fao89 to sleep
14:55:38 <fao89> I was confused if continue means continue the discussion, hahaha
14:55:45 <dkliban> topic: * Can we configure modified as a closed state in redmine?
14:55:46 <daviddavis> ah ha sorry
14:56:00 <ipanova> is it possible in redmine?
14:56:00 <fao89> now I get it is continue the open floor
14:56:04 <bmbouter> it is
14:56:05 <daviddavis> yes it's possible
14:56:14 <bmbouter> we would set it in one place, here https://pulp.plan.io/issue_statuses/4/edit
14:56:27 <x9c4> Is it breaking any other integration?
14:56:47 <bmbouter> it's possible but I don't know that it would
14:57:06 <ipanova> i am in favour of making this change otherwise we are always tight to a release which might now happen for some time
14:57:08 <bmbouter> if it did it would be because a saved query was relying on its state and when we learned it was broken we could update that saved query to match
14:57:15 <ipanova> might not happen*
14:57:29 <bmbouter> I'm also +1 on it, at least trying it
14:57:35 <daviddavis> +1 from me
14:57:36 <ggainey> yeah concur
14:58:00 <fao89> next topic?
14:58:06 <x9c4> We could rename it to Closed- Nextrelease...
14:58:54 <bmbouter> the names mirror the names in other system s like bugzilla
14:59:00 <bmbouter> and our docs
14:59:15 <bmbouter> who is clicking this button, is it meeeee ?
14:59:24 <ggainey> heh
14:59:26 <x9c4> +1
14:59:30 <daviddavis> does that mean we can also blame you when stuff breaks?
14:59:41 <bmbouter> yes
14:59:45 <daviddavis> even though this was a group decision
14:59:47 <bmbouter> also for things I haven't done yet
14:59:51 <bmbouter> or things I may do in the future
14:59:55 <daviddavis> sounds good
15:00:02 * bmbouter gives thumbs up
15:00:05 <dkliban> lol
15:00:07 * bmbouter clicks button with thumbs
15:00:15 <ggainey> "my lab teacher in college taught us Always work in groups. It makes it impossible to assign blame when things go worng."
15:00:21 <ggainey> :)
15:01:19 <bmbouter> clicked
15:01:25 * ggainey cheers wildly
15:01:35 <fao89> ready for next topic?
15:01:38 * x9c4 thinks peer review is a kind of working in a group.
15:01:50 <x9c4> +1 next topic
15:01:54 <ggainey> +1
15:02:03 <fao89> topic: What do you all think about renaming master-branches to develop?
15:02:24 <ggainey> I absolutely support the effort. I suggest we delay until post-October
15:02:35 <ggainey> given the load everyone is already carrying
15:02:38 <daviddavis> that makes sense. stuff is going to break.
15:02:45 <ggainey> yeah that was my thought
15:02:58 <ggainey> pick a week in November and just bite the bullet
15:02:59 <bmbouter> agreed all around
15:03:04 <ipanova> yes, let's postpone
15:03:31 <dkliban> +1
15:03:39 <x9c4> sounds good
15:03:46 <fao89> topic: Adjusting download concurrency -- needs a bit of testing first
15:03:58 <fao89> https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7212
15:05:07 <ggainey> so this is asking to sync-immediate, say, CentOS7 with the various values for concurrency and record wall-time?
15:05:17 <ggainey> or are we looking for detailed perf-analysis?
15:05:37 <bmbouter> the former, just a wall-clock-time of each concurrency level
15:05:41 <ggainey> ok, cool
15:05:47 <daviddavis> makes sense
15:05:55 <bmbouter> if someone really wants to go the distance do an average of 3 runs
15:05:56 <ggainey> I've been syncing centos and rhel for PIE testing - I can take this this sprint
15:06:17 <bmbouter> that would be way cool, then can you bring it back to open floor for a final decisions
15:06:29 <ggainey> ok, can do - I'll update the issue
15:06:29 <bmbouter> and dalley I want to hear what you think is right once we hear the numbers also
15:06:33 <bmbouter> ggainey: ty!
15:06:37 <ggainey> np
15:06:44 <daviddavis> ggainey++
15:06:44 <pulpbot> daviddavis: ggainey's karma is now 33
15:07:03 <x9c4> ggainey++
15:07:03 <pulpbot> x9c4: ggainey's karma is now 34
15:07:05 <dalley> cool, I'm good w/ that
15:07:50 <ggainey> it's something I can run on the weekend, since it will be 99% waiting
15:08:01 <daviddavis> while you watch tiger king
15:08:07 <ggainey> zacly! rawr!
15:08:43 <fao89> I want to join ggainey and daviddavis meetings
15:09:01 * fao89 cheers wildly
15:09:03 <ggainey> hehehe
15:09:09 <daviddavis> :)
15:09:43 <fao89> next topic: RBAC: permission creation solution FYI - https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7210
15:10:53 <bmbouter> so galaxy_ng has use cases motivating this as requirements
15:11:10 <bmbouter> and as I considered their needs I see pulp users having the same
15:11:37 <dkliban> yep
15:11:54 <bmbouter> we give users all this control to customize rbac and if permission assignment can't be configured to match that then all that other customization won't matter due to permissions not being there on new objects
15:12:11 <dkliban> that makes sense
15:12:15 <bmbouter> so I plan to put this together into my RBAC PR I believe it's straightforward
15:12:27 <ggainey> ahhh, kk, I think I grok this
15:12:29 <bmbouter> also this was one of the called out problems back on our slide demo but there wasn't a design then
15:12:30 <dkliban> so will this be accessible via rest api? django admin?
15:12:44 <bmbouter> some rest API endpoint as the policy statements itself
15:12:55 <bmbouter> I need to clarify that on the ticket actually
15:13:04 <dkliban> yeah .. that part is not clear to me
15:13:34 <bmbouter> it's not written :/   so the AccessPolicySerializer will have `statements`, and `permission_assignment`
15:14:29 <bmbouter> aside: the pulp_container roadmap did get a lot more meaningful  https://pulp.plan.io/projects/pulp_container/roadmap
15:14:45 <ggainey> nice!
15:14:56 <x9c4> \me cheers like crazy
15:15:00 <bmbouter> I'd like to put this story on the sprint
15:15:06 <bmbouter> b/c I'm working on it today
15:15:17 <ggainey> heh - then by definition it's on the sprint :)
15:15:56 <bmbouter> pretty much
15:16:07 <ggainey> go4it, sez I
15:16:45 <bmbouter> this will also be included in an update email to pulp-dev today
15:16:48 <bmbouter> along w/ other RBAC updates
15:16:56 <ipanova> niice
15:17:26 <dkliban> awesome
15:18:08 <daviddavis> groovy
15:18:19 <bmbouter> ack: I will add in the `permission_assignment` parts and add to sprint
15:18:22 <bmbouter> I'm doing that now
15:18:29 <ggainey> coolio
15:19:03 <fao89> last topic: Redmine proposal: removal of ON_QA and Verified issue states which we don't use
15:19:07 <x9c4> Redmine Proposal of the Week (RPotW)
15:19:15 <x9c4> +1
15:19:23 <ggainey> makes sense to me - having options we don't use just confuses users
15:19:29 <daviddavis> +1
15:20:06 <bmbouter> these are easy to remove in one place here https://pulp.plan.io/issue_statuses
15:20:39 <ggainey> can I push the buttons this time?!?  pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???
15:20:43 <ggainey> :)
15:21:03 <bmbouter> yes but you have to use thumbs
15:21:13 <ggainey> oh god, I'm f'd
15:21:16 <ipanova> haha
15:21:20 <ipanova> +1
15:21:25 <bmbouter> this task has a thumb-only requirement
15:21:48 <ggainey> whoa, I def need to slow down mouse-accel if I'm just using thumbs, hang on
15:22:30 <ggainey> ok, do we have consensus?
15:22:40 <fao89> I think so
15:23:08 <x9c4> Now i see, why it's the arm architecture that has a thumb-code...
15:24:18 <ggainey> aww - "Unable to delete issue status"
15:24:43 <ggainey> dunno if it's a permissions-thing or what
15:25:15 <bmbouter> ggainey: shall I try to see if it's a perms thing?
15:25:22 <ggainey> go4it!
15:25:42 <bmbouter> yeah it was a perms thing
15:25:44 <bmbouter> it worked for me
15:26:03 <fao89> #endmeeting
15:26:03 <fao89> !end