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16:01:48 * bmbouter switches hats
16:01:57 <dkliban> lol
16:02:12 <ttereshc> (:
16:02:22 <ipanova> i needed to abandon my wig, it was too hot :D
16:02:23 <bmbouter> here is the ticket for the 3.7.0 release, daviddavis fixed up the checklist some https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7463
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16:02:34 * ttereshc no longer likes irc meetings, no hats :(
16:02:38 <dkliban> https://pulp.plan.io/versions/126
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16:02:45 <dkliban> that's teh 3.7.0 milestone ^
16:03:04 <bmbouter> ty
16:03:12 <daviddavis> I filed a pulp_file issue too https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7486
16:03:16 <daviddavis> not sure about the version #
16:03:17 <bmbouter> ah yes, daviddavis ty
16:03:38 <bmbouter> so can we have a call for unmerged features for pulpcore and pulp_file?
16:04:05 <daviddavis> allowed_content_checksums
16:04:05 <bmbouter> I have two:   1) fips patching for pulpcore & deps and 2) selinux policy for el7+el8
16:04:35 <bmbouter> I guess technically the sleinux stuff doesn't go into pulpcore or pulp_file itself
16:04:38 <ipanova> allowed_content_checksums seems to be pretty ready to get merged
16:04:43 <bmbouter> so maybe it's just allowed_content_checksums
16:05:07 <dkliban> bmbouter: we have a pulp_installer issue https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7471
16:05:13 <bmbouter> and the installer support around it https://github.com/pulp/pulp_installer/pull/423
16:05:42 <bmbouter> dkliban: ah yes we need that also
16:05:57 <bmbouter> Im going to be putting these onto a short-list on the epic
16:06:01 * bmbouter revises now
16:06:03 <bmbouter> what others...
16:06:08 <dalley> "duplicate key error" needs to go in https://pulp.plan.io/issues/6463
16:06:22 <bmbouter> actually we'll use the milestone itself
16:06:33 <dkliban> yeah ... let's use the milestone
16:06:40 <dkliban> dalley: +1 on that bug
16:06:46 <daviddavis> I added https://pulp.plan.io/issues/5216 to the 3.7.0 milestone
16:07:00 <bmbouter> dalley: I tagged 6463
16:07:31 <dkliban> 6463 is ready for merging
16:07:50 <dkliban> those PRs look good to me
16:08:16 <ipanova> dkliban: +1
16:10:09 <dalley> yeah - just some minor debate around duplication of code vs hidden hooks in core
16:10:24 <bmbouter> I put the other fips ones the milestone too
16:11:10 <ipanova> dalley: yeah, i do not have strong opinion because both bring good points
16:11:27 <bmbouter> I was going to add to the convo later today also
16:11:41 <dkliban> ok
16:11:49 <bmbouter> ok any more before we look at what is still unmerged?
16:12:33 <daviddavis> bmbouter: isn't this an installer issue? https://pulp.plan.io/issues/6988
16:12:55 <daviddavis> I didn't think installer issues belonged on pulpcore milestones
16:13:05 <bmbouter> they release version locked
16:13:14 <dkliban> yep
16:13:30 <daviddavis> what about x.y.z-a issues?
16:13:45 <bmbouter> we let the changelog hold the real -a values
16:14:17 <daviddavis> right but what about in redmine?
16:14:56 <bmbouter> -a releases are not available in redmine, mainly for simplicity
16:16:01 <daviddavis> I see
16:16:17 <bmbouter> it's definitly up for improvement, for now at least this is the real place https://github.com/pulp/pulp_installer/pull/436/files#diff-e2aa996e33f50066e952a637bcb4746eR16
16:16:56 <dkliban> i would like us to stop coupling the installer with every z-stream
16:17:24 <dkliban> and instead have it versioned at 3.7, 3.8, 3.8-1
16:17:36 <bmbouter> I think the rest of the installer team would like to also, but this is not really 3.7.0 checkin stuff
16:17:42 <dkliban> i agree
16:17:49 <daviddavis> yea, sorry to derail
16:18:05 <bmbouter> totally fine for 3.7.0 it's fair to ask why is this on here
16:18:21 <bmbouter> we need to be sure when the installer releases we have that fips support merged
16:18:58 <bmbouter> any other items for the milestone tagging?
16:19:19 <bmbouter> here is the redmine query equivalent of the milestone https://pulp.plan.io/projects/pulp/issues?fixed_version_id=126&set_filter=1&sort=status%2Cid%3Adesc&status_id=%2A
16:20:11 <ttereshc> any orphan cleanup adjustments? or is it beyond 3.7?
16:20:36 <ttereshc> did you guys discuss this cleanup in a loop :) daviddavis bmbouter
16:20:52 <daviddavis> we did but we left the final decision up to you
16:20:58 <daviddavis> :)
16:21:01 <ttereshc> :D
16:21:07 <bmbouter> ha yeah so we have that meeting on mondayyyyy
16:21:15 <bmbouter> which is very close to tuesdayyyyyy
16:21:23 <daviddavis> oh right
16:21:26 <ttereshc> it's a very small change though
16:21:28 <bmbouter> that issue should probably go onto this as well
16:21:31 <bmbouter> I agree
16:21:31 <ttereshc> to the pulpcore
16:21:32 <bmbouter> but we need to tag it at least
16:21:40 <bmbouter> got the issue num handy?
16:22:19 <daviddavis> afaik, there's only a pulp_rpm issue https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7440
16:22:19 <ttereshc> https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7460
16:22:36 <daviddavis> nice
16:22:40 <bmbouter> I'll add milestone now
16:22:59 <bmbouter> I also took the epic for the release cycle deprecation out, and replaced it with its substories
16:23:05 <bmbouter> to more accurately reflect the work to be done
16:23:09 <bmbouter> so maybe refresh the query from ^
16:23:19 <bmbouter> and depsair lol
16:24:27 <bmbouter> other items?
16:25:27 <bmbouter> ok if you have any (at any point) please bring 'em up
16:25:54 <bmbouter> when I look at this list I am confident by the end of the week all items already at ASSIGNED+ will be merged
16:26:50 <bmbouter> so that leaves 7471, 7460, 7413, and 7411 at risk of delaying the release
16:28:17 <dkliban> is 7411 required to release?
16:28:19 <ttereshc> I'm pretty confident in 7460 and 7413
16:28:35 <bmbouter> 7411 probaby isn't required to release
16:28:52 <dkliban> it's needed for the 3.8 release
16:28:55 <bmbouter> yup I think I'll do 7413 today
16:29:05 <bmbouter> dkliban: well through the entire 3.7 dev cycle
16:29:15 <dkliban> yes
16:29:18 <daviddavis> bmbouter: or save it for docs day
16:29:18 <dkliban> that's true
16:29:39 <ttereshc> yeah, this Thursday
16:29:51 <bmbouter> that sounds fine to me
16:29:58 <dkliban> mikedep333: are you actively working on https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7471  ?
16:30:39 <bmbouter> my takeaway is we need an installer check-in or chat (either irc or meeting) for 7471
16:31:28 <dkliban> i agree
16:31:40 <bmbouter> dkliban: you and I are on installer team I think we can focus on this
16:31:57 <bmbouter> and continue the convo in #pulp-dev today w/ the rest of the peeps, wdyt?
16:32:02 <dkliban> i agree
16:32:53 <bmbouter> I think if we can get movement on that 1 issue and leave 7411 on the milestone but mayeb remove it to not block day-of I think we can make all items merged by the 21st
16:33:06 <bmbouter> which btw is the goal I propose, we should not be merging anything on release day
16:33:24 <dkliban> that sounds good to me. what do others think?
16:34:12 <ttereshc> sounds good to me as well
16:35:01 <bmbouter> I propose we setup another chat-meeting check-in for friday post closing ceremony
16:35:22 <bmbouter> because if we will delay (not anticipated) we should be calling it then based on what we learned last time
16:35:37 <bmbouter> so that would be our final go/no-go checkin of sorts
16:35:57 <dkliban> sounds good
16:35:59 <ttereshc> +1
16:36:41 <ipanova> +1 to friday checking
16:36:48 <dkliban> i'll schedule it now
16:37:20 <bmbouter> ty
16:37:35 <bmbouter> I also propose we raise all NEW items here (these 4) to high prio
16:38:12 <dkliban> that's what they are
16:38:33 <bmbouter> ok I'll do that
16:38:37 * bmbouter does it
16:39:00 <bmbouter> doneski
16:39:05 <dkliban> any other thoughts?
16:39:34 <bmbouter> I plan to give an on-thread update to pulp-dev indicating the release's status (in-progress, which a checkin on friday, and a few notes on the issues at NEW)
16:39:46 <dkliban> sounds good
16:40:01 <bmbouter> ty you all! I don't know how we got along without a checkin like this
16:40:30 <dkliban> lol
16:40:47 <dkliban> i am ending this meeting now
16:40:52 <dkliban> #endmeeting
16:40:52 <dkliban> !end