16:05:40 <dkliban> #startmeeting Pulp Triage 2020-09-18 3.7.0 check-in meeting
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16:06:03 <daviddavis> anyone got a link to the 3.7.0 milestone handy
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16:07:12 <bmbouter> ok so here's the current query:  https://tinyurl.com/y6rqlufb
16:07:51 <dkliban> we have 2 items at POST, 3 at ASSIGNED, and 1 at NEW
16:08:14 <daviddavis> the one at new we're discussing monday
16:08:15 <ttereshc> the new one is for Monday
16:08:19 <bmbouter> yup
16:08:23 <dkliban> cool
16:08:29 <bmbouter> and it will be easy to PR it then (it'll be small)
16:08:31 <daviddavis> 7487 should have a pr opened today
16:08:48 <bmbouter> 7471 I'll have a PR opened today
16:09:01 <daviddavis> 7411?
16:09:18 * daviddavis eyes dkliban
16:09:38 <dkliban> yes
16:10:01 <dkliban> i will be out the rest of this afternoon but i plan on working on that issue on monday
16:10:29 <bmbouter> we really need this for the dev cycle of 3.7 - 3.8 so it shouldn't formally block the release
16:10:32 <bmbouter> aka I think that is a fine timeline
16:10:32 <dkliban> i expect to have a PR for the plugin template and pulp_file on Monday
16:10:46 <daviddavis> sounds good to me
16:10:51 <bmbouter> it's really designed to test the upcoming plugin releases against 3.8.0.dev
16:11:13 <bmbouter> I'm fixing up 7413 now and will merge (with its lgtms on it) after my next push
16:11:18 <daviddavis> cool
16:11:26 <daviddavis> what about 6463 ?
16:11:37 <bmbouter> based on lots of PR discussion I don't believe there will be a pulpcore PR for it
16:11:43 <bmbouter> and the fix will occur in pulp_rpm only
16:11:48 <bmbouter> dalley: ^ ?
16:11:48 <daviddavis> ok
16:11:58 <bmbouter> dalley: let us know if this is not the case
16:12:17 <dalley> bmbouter, no, regardless of which strategy is used to fix it both PRs are necessar
16:12:37 <dalley> actually it's the RPM PR that is necessary only because the code was duplicated both places
16:12:58 <daviddavis> so no pulpcore pr then?
16:13:12 <dalley> yes pulpcore PR :)
16:13:18 <daviddavis> oh
16:13:34 <daviddavis> what's the timeline. do you think you cna get it merged by monday?
16:13:40 <bmbouter> or today?
16:13:52 <dalley> today is what I was aiming for
16:14:23 <bmbouter> I think if that and the other things discussed earlier to happen today happen, we'll be sitting pretty for the release on tuesday
16:14:59 <bmbouter> should we remove 7411 from the 3.7.0 milestone? since it's not blocking
16:15:01 <daviddavis> great
16:15:05 <daviddavis> yea
16:15:08 * bmbouter does it now
16:15:27 <bmbouter> done
16:15:34 <daviddavis> also, if someone has time to review a docs PR, I have one I'd like to get in https://github.com/pulp/pulp_file/pull/428
16:15:55 <bmbouter> yup can do
16:16:00 <bmbouter> and anyone else too ^
16:16:43 <ttereshc> it's the one :) the one that caught bugs
16:17:18 <bmbouter> truth but docs don't have to happen later
16:17:58 <bmbouter> can we hear an all-around for go/no-go on the 22nd release?
16:18:14 <bmbouter> I am a 'go'
16:18:17 <daviddavis> go
16:18:19 <dkliban> go
16:18:30 <x9c4> go!
16:18:35 <ttereshc> I'm go wtih a hoe that 3.8 can be planned better
16:18:39 <ttereshc> *hope
16:19:14 <x9c4> Should we create a 3.8.0 milestone right away?
16:19:19 <bmbouter> yes we should
16:19:22 <dkliban> yes
16:20:04 <bmbouter> call me crazy but we've deliver huge features folks told us about at the last minute (fips and selinux) and even a few days ahead, I'm not sure what better looks like
16:20:46 <bmbouter> I'm interested to hear what we want we didn't get in the 3.7 process
16:23:16 <dkliban> let's discuss next week
16:23:24 <dkliban> i don't have an answer for you
16:23:32 <dkliban> but i want to end this meeting
16:23:58 <bmbouter> to hear folks aren't happy w/ the release I led but without details is a little unsettling
16:24:08 <dkliban> ttereshc: ^
16:24:19 <bmbouter> but yes let's end the go/no go part at least
16:24:34 <bmbouter> I hear go's all around, I'll send out an update w/ that to pulp-dev on thread
16:24:37 <dkliban> #endmeeting
16:24:37 <dkliban> !end