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15:31:56 <daviddavis> here is the 3.9 milestone https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7789
15:32:09 <daviddavis> err
15:32:16 <daviddavis> https://pulp.plan.io/versions/152
15:33:08 <daviddavis> I guess the major question though is whether we should delay the release on account of the move to GHA
15:33:20 <daviddavis> any thoughts on that?
15:33:26 <ttereshc> fwiw, all in post, this one is in new https://pulp.plan.io/issues/6671
15:34:30 <daviddavis> yes
15:34:34 <bmbouter> I agree
15:34:44 <ttereshc> currently the release is scheduled for Monday right after Thanksgiving. It's probably good to postpone it at least by couple of days or maybe even a week.
15:34:51 <bmbouter> +1 a week
15:35:03 <bmbouter> I don't think we have a specific deliverable driving this schedule
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15:35:21 <daviddavis> agreed. no stakeholders need this release AfAIK
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15:35:31 <ttereshc> we'll see how plugin releases go and then need to adjust the pulpcore release job
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15:35:57 <ttereshc> if no stakeholders, then big +1 to at least 1 week
15:36:05 <daviddavis> I'm hoping we can have most if not all of our CI infra on GHA by someitme next week
15:36:15 <x9c4> +1 to a week
15:36:21 <ipanova> +1 to delay a week
15:36:43 <daviddavis> this also works out well because we are tentatively planning on releasing 3.10 in early jan due to holidays
15:36:51 <ttereshc> great
15:37:10 <daviddavis> we need to get these POST issues reviewed and merged
15:37:34 <daviddavis> and can anyone pick up https://pulp.plan.io/issues/6671 ?
15:38:17 <daviddavis> I'll take that as a no right now
15:38:27 <bmbouter> I probably can starting a week from now
15:38:34 <daviddavis> ok cool
15:38:38 <quba42> So the new target release date for pulpcore 3.9.0 would be Monday, 7th of December?
15:38:50 <daviddavis> quba42: yes exactly
15:39:12 <ttereshc> quba42, fyi, pulp_ansible folks plan to have a plugin release this week, so it will be the first release with GHA, so plugin template should be adjusted as well and other plugins will be able to release before 3.9.
15:39:12 <daviddavis> if we get the release CD automation on GHA next week, does that suit your schedule quba42 ?
15:39:31 <daviddavis> s/next week/this week/
15:40:36 <daviddavis> I'll announce the delay and schedule our next go/no-go meeting for December 1st-ish
15:40:46 <quba42> My only real concern is doing a release before pulpcore does (since the current pulp_deb release is only declared compatible up to <3.9 right now).
15:41:03 <ttereshc> daviddavis, thank you
15:41:13 <bmbouter> daviddavis: yes ty
15:41:30 <daviddavis> quba42: ok, cool. we can work with you next week to use GHA to release.
15:41:35 <daviddavis> or later this week
15:41:57 <daviddavis> anything else?
15:42:07 <ipanova> can we discuss the docs day?
15:42:33 <ipanova> should we move it by a week as well or should we extend it will the thanksgiving?
15:42:48 <ipanova> s/will/till
15:43:38 <ttereshc> both work for me, I doubt I'll get to any today,
15:43:43 <ttereshc> .
15:44:02 <daviddavis> agreed, move to next week I think would be great
15:44:17 <ipanova> alright, i will send an update email
15:44:19 <ipanova> thanks
15:44:21 <daviddavis> ipanova++
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15:44:28 <ttereshc> ty
15:44:31 <daviddavis> #endmeeting
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