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15:30:39 <daviddavis> 3.9 issues https://pulp.plan.io/projects/pulp/issues?fixed_version_id=152&set_filter=1&status_id=o
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15:31:39 <daviddavis> one issue is at NEW: https://pulp.plan.io/issues/6671
15:32:07 <daviddavis> is someone able to work on this in the next couple days and if not, should it block 3.9?
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15:32:21 <bmbouter> I think I'll be able to work on this
15:32:36 <daviddavis> ok great
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15:32:57 <daviddavis> looks like there are also a number of issues at POST
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15:33:09 <daviddavis> 5 issues
15:33:51 <daviddavis> should we go through them?
15:34:35 <bmbouter> yes please
15:34:43 <daviddavis> https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7710 is being worked on by x9c4 but he's out until release day
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15:34:56 <ttereshc> we probably should find reviewers for all of them
15:35:21 <ipanova> i think this is redy for review, since it is not longer a draft
15:35:36 <ttereshc> +!
15:35:37 <ttereshc> +1
15:35:46 <daviddavis> looks like bmbouter started to review it. bmbouter, can you re-review it?
15:35:51 <bmbouter> yes I can
15:35:56 <bmbouter> and I'll test it
15:36:12 <ttereshc> I can be a second reviewer
15:36:33 <daviddavis> great
15:36:41 <daviddavis> next up is https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7696 (ggainey)
15:37:04 <ipanova> there is 1 approval and some requested changes form bmbouter
15:37:04 <daviddavis> and ggainey is not in this channel
15:37:05 <ggainey> #info ggainey has joined triage
15:37:05 <ggainey> !here
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15:37:12 <daviddavis> ah nm
15:37:14 <daviddavis> I can't type
15:37:29 <ggainey> hello :)
15:37:40 <daviddavis> ggainey: is this ready for re-review? https://github.com/pulp/pulpcore/pull/1027
15:38:32 <ggainey> daviddavis: looks like bmbouter answered my/your question(s) last week - I will make the required/requested changes and repush
15:38:38 <ggainey> (so, 'no', right this second)
15:38:52 <daviddavis> ok great
15:38:57 <bmbouter> ggainey: whenever it pushes feel free to ping and I can re-review lgtm
15:39:05 <daviddavis> bmbouter++
15:39:05 <pulpbot> daviddavis: bmbouter's karma is now 310
15:39:06 <ggainey> bmbouter: will do, thanks
15:39:13 <ggainey> bmbouter++
15:39:13 <pulpbot> ggainey: bmbouter's karma is now 311
15:39:14 <ggainey> indeed
15:39:24 <daviddavis> next up is https://pulp.plan.io/issues/7561 (ipanova)
15:39:48 <ipanova> this one is blocked https://github.com/pulp/pulpcore/pull/1008#issuecomment-733903624
15:39:57 <bmbouter> oh shiz yeah I gotta look into that also
15:40:22 <ipanova> i poked around but did not find anything reasonable
15:40:53 <bmbouter> this is on my today list, but with meetings my today list is probably 3 days long
15:41:07 <bmbouter> still though this is very important and I hope to investigate today
15:41:33 <ipanova> bmbouter:  and ipanova will followup on this the int following days
15:41:39 <bmbouter> +1
15:41:48 <bmbouter> I do believe this needs to be a blocker still
15:42:00 <ipanova> yeah
15:42:44 <daviddavis> I agree we should get this into 3.9
15:43:11 <bmbouter> I guess my question then is what is the 3.9 GA date atm and when is our next go/no-go checkin?
15:43:29 <ipanova> dec 7 is ga date
15:43:34 <daviddavis> dec 7 is the ga date and our next go/no-go would be wed or thurs I think
15:43:39 <daviddavis> so we can check back in then
15:43:42 <bmbouter> great
15:43:47 <ipanova> +1
15:44:01 <daviddavis> next issue is this https://pulp.plan.io/issues/6559 (me)
15:44:15 <daviddavis> this is pretty much ready for review but I notice there's no changelog so I need to update that
15:44:25 <ttereshc> I promised to review this one
15:44:32 <ttereshc> will do but we needa asecond reviewer
15:44:33 <daviddavis> +1 thank you. ggainey could you also review?
15:44:48 <ggainey> kk, will do
15:44:52 <daviddavis> thank you
15:45:03 <daviddavis> last is correlation id https://pulp.plan.io/issues/4689
15:45:17 <daviddavis> this is ready for review
15:45:39 <daviddavis> I'm tempted to hold it given that we're at the end of the release cycle and this affects many different parts of pulp
15:45:47 <daviddavis> originally I wanted to get this into 3.9
15:45:49 <daviddavis> thoughts?
15:46:01 <bmbouter> I don't think this should block the release
15:46:09 <bmbouter> but I don't have concerns about adding in features at the end
15:46:29 <bmbouter> it's upstream releasing early finding a problem and fixing it in a later release is actually a positive outcome
15:46:43 <ttereshc> I think it's smart to merge it right after release and use it for some time in our dev env  if you are concerned that it might break things
15:47:14 <daviddavis> I agree. normally I wouldn't mind merging features that are isolated but this seems higher risk. I don't have a strong opinion though.
15:47:55 <bmbouter> my hope for upstream is that it strongly favors change
15:48:16 <bmbouter> and that differentates against products which strongly favor stability
15:48:30 <ipanova> we can get it off the blocker list in the first place and see if we get to review it
15:48:53 <bmbouter> removing the blocker status I think makes sense
15:49:12 <daviddavis> I also want to favor change upstream but I don't want to do a disservice to our upstream users by merging risky features at the last minute
15:49:26 <daviddavis> I'll remove it from the blocker list
15:49:55 <daviddavis> ok, anything else issue wise before we move onto the state of our CD?
15:50:41 <daviddavis> so for our CD, I think we still have some work to do
15:50:52 <daviddavis> fao89: ^
15:51:10 <daviddavis> it sounds like we need the rubygem key for one thing
15:51:16 <fao89> we need the environment variables, the RUBY one for example
15:51:25 <daviddavis> I have the pypi key
15:51:31 <bmbouter> yeah I only have pypi
15:51:44 <daviddavis> and we also need the docs key
15:51:45 <dkliban> i have the rubygem key
15:51:52 <fao89> for "simple" plugins I believe only the variables are blocking
15:51:53 <dkliban> #info dkliban has joined triage
15:51:53 <dkliban> !here
15:51:53 <pulpbot> dkliban: dkliban has joined triage
15:52:06 <ttereshc> I have only ttereshc key
15:52:16 <daviddavis> :)
15:52:27 <fao89> but plugins that have additional jobs, like performance tests we need to work more on it
15:52:39 <daviddavis> yea, I have tickets for that under the epic
15:53:00 <daviddavis> I think the other piece is the docs job. I don't think it works but we need the key to move that forward
15:53:01 <dkliban> pulp_rpm needs the CDN certs which i believe that i have
15:54:00 <daviddavis> dkliban: so would you be able to set these keys taht you have in the pulp org (ruby, docs, etc)?
15:54:11 <dkliban> yes, that's what i am saying
15:54:19 <daviddavis> ok, just confirming
15:54:24 <daviddavis> is there anything else then?
15:54:56 <daviddavis> next go/no-go on wednesday?
15:55:14 <bmbouter> +1
15:55:19 <ttereshc> +1 and thank you
15:55:28 <dkliban> sorry for joining so late
15:55:29 <fao89> +1
15:55:34 <daviddavis> I assume the installer team is ready to go btw?
15:55:42 <daviddavis> dkliban: no worries
15:55:45 <mikedep333> Yes
15:56:02 <daviddavis> great. alright see you all on wednesday.
15:56:12 <daviddavis> #endmeeting
15:56:12 <daviddavis> !end